Good evening, I hope you find yourself doing well tonight. I took the weekend off from posting any entries but I am happy to find myself here again for my 3rd entry. As with most Mondays I lack much content to talk about because they are rather slow. I left the house today at about 12:20 to go to the radio station…I have a weekly d.j. spot from 1-4. However with how rainy and gloomy it felt today I really wasn’t in the mood to do the show so I really just kinda pushed my way through it, knowing I would have to be to work right after I got off air. So as I played my last song I quickly sped home to throw on my shirt and tie and off to work I went. I wish I could tell you that work was exciting and that I felt like I truly made a difference in the world, however the most exciting part of my workday was helping do some bartending and getting heartburn…I know, I know, thrilling right? So my plan for the rest of the night is simple enough, I should be out of work by hopefully 1:15ish then I think I am definitely hitting the sheets. I’ve decided to take this journal 1 step further for my goal of self-improvement, at the end of each entry I will describe 1 goal I want to accomplish the following day. So tomorrow, my goal is to spend 1 full hour studying for my Politics 111 test. Wish me luck, and have a great night.

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