Asking God’s Will in my Life

So I asked God to show me which direction my relationship should go in and I think that may be exactly what He is doing, but now I don’t wanna know lol I asked him to either work a miracle in my boyfriend and create in him a desire to seek God and change his life or show him and I both that our relationship is over and we need to move on. The last week he has been alternating between clingy and asking for affirmation of my affections for him and detached and bored. The other day he actually asked me if we were going to break up soon. Yesterday we talked a little bit about us, but he doesn’t do emotions well so I finally stopped trying to get him to respond. When I got home from church he was in bed – at 7pm. He came out around 10 and asked what I was doing. Since then I have seen him and slept next to him. He hasn’t spoken to me or looked directly at me and he didn’t curl up to me once. In fact he may have had a separate blanket all together. Is this his response to God showing him that this isn’t a relationship that was meant to be? I keep hearing about equally yolked and God being part of a relationship. None of that exists in my current relationship. As much as I love my bf, we have nothing in common when we aren’t using together. We like similar movies and some of the same music, but especially now that I am seeking God and trying to live my life a different way I feel like the distance between us is growing. I may have asked for this but I don’t have to like it…

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  1. You said, “We have nothing in common when we aren’t using together.” Are you trying to stop and of course it sounds like he hasn’t? If you are trying to straighten your life out and stop using then he can see that things are changing. He is not in the same place that you are, not even in wanting to find God.
    Keep praying to God for the answer that you need, he will indeed give it to you, you just have to be willing to follow that path once it is shown to you.

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