My Process to Lose It!

Date: 5/05/2015

Dear journal, today is the day I start my weight loss process. I plan to maintain a healthier lifestyle and change my weight from obese to fit. I will make many changes to my daily lifestyle that I would normally never pay attention to. I’ve decided to go the extra mile and pay more attention than what I usually do. First I will start by cutting out soda and other beverages loaded with sugar. I will read and look for the lower calorie beverages to keep my diet on track. I did some research on processed foods and learned that they’re the highest in fats. For now I’m focusing on my diet and eating well to shed off unwanted fat. I read up on how missing meals also isn’t healthy as well. I will now be sure I actually eat a good breakfast. The body doesn’t respond well to missing meals which will cause it to start storing fat. Starting off the day with a healthy breakfast is best to keep my metabolism working well. I plan to eat more raw and leafy vegetables to add to my new diet which are low in calories but high in water and slow-digesting fiber. Eating more vegetables will give me more nutrients that my body will need rather than eating other fat foods that will only add to the weight that I don’t want. This will help me add more vitamin C & E to my body. I’ve decided to add more protein to my diet as well. Things like fish and chicken will be in my best interest for the next few weeks for my weight loss trial. For now I’m focusing on my diet and will incorporate the workouts very soon. Higher protein diets will make me less hungry and lose weight a lot faster so my body can stay slim and in the right shape. Beans might also be something I’ll e interested in on the protein side. The protein will help me in losing fat but not muscle which is very important in the weight losing process. Certain things I will limit will be fruit juice, refined grains, potatoes, red meats, and fast foods. One thing I have caught myself doing before is overeating which I know is a problem that I know many people have. I’ve found a way to help me slow down or cut down on overeating. I’ll eat smaller portions and eat slowly. Eating fats will only cause me to eat more but slowing down to actually chew my food will make me full a lot faster. Eating outside of my home from other restaurants only has huge portions of things that aren’t as healthy as what I really need. Another big problem I have is eating just because. I will actually have to think if I’m really hungry before opening up the refrigerator and or the pantry. I also will increase my intake of calcium. The more calcium that’s in a fat cell, more fat will be burned. Yogurt will help me lose a good amount of fat from my stomach which is a major area for weight loss in most cases. My diet for the next few days will be taken very seriously and I will note back when I notice changes beginning.








Date: 5/25/2015

Dear journal, I have shed many pounds from my body just within these few weeks. My body has made a huge transformation that I would’ve never imagined. Adding to my diet, I began to incorporate my workouts for the best weight loss which greatly helped me in transforming my body. I made small changes by reducing my time in front of the television and doing more physical activities. I’ve decided to be outside more and walk the extra mile. I added at least an extra 2,000 more steps than what I would normally walk. This extra walking made tremendous changes over time. In the beginning, I started off with at least 2 hours of some physical activity that’s not too hard on the body. I did things like walking or slowly riding a bike. Over time, I switched up on my workout hours. I switched them from 2 hours a week to about 5-7 hours a week. About 30 minutes or an hour a day to work out really made big differences. I did full body workouts like swimming that condition and tone the whole body. Once I realized my body could handle the work, running became my best friend. Running made me push past my limits and made me see that I could really do this. Of course all of this hard work required a good amount of sleep. Some days after these workouts I could feel as if I was going to pass out which is not good for my body at all. I never thought that not getting enough sleep would affect me until I really started working hard. Cycling was another workout that I took a lot more serious. I actually went to higher extents by getting a gym membership and taking the harder cycling classes by pushing my body every now and then. My body began transforming from fat to muscle which I could notice after just a few weeks. Since I took my workout and diet plan very seriously, I made faster changes than I thought I would. I included hard workouts like running and walking up stairs. This really toned my legs and calf muscles. This helped with losing fat from all over as well. Abdominal exercises were my best friend as well because they toned the area that many women are very insecure about. I can finally go out in my skin tight dress and slip into a two piece bathing suit that I’ve been dreaming of doing once I shed the weight off. Adding harder workouts is the best way to getting signs of improvement from your body. I believe that working out while eating right will give off the best results if taken seriously by a person. These are the best results I’ve ever gotten just because I was dedicated to losing weight and knew what my goal was. Although I’m not completely down to where I want to be, I still have great hope in working on myself. I still have some more work to do but I couldn’t have done it if I wasn’t dedicated. All the long nights and hard work really paid off.



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