More questions of faith emerge. Doubts are on the rise. Fear fills the silence of the late night air.

What have we all become? Where is the love? What about peace and compassion? Whatever happens to the hearts of those who still wish to call themselves human? Do they even still have them?

How do we tell the difference between people and monsters anymore, when nowadays they almost look the same? They look normal on the outside, yet deep down – they can be full of such hideous intentions. They can smile their sweetest smile at you as they stab you in the back. Worst of all, they can smile before they pop something in your face.

They wander the streets, causing claustrophobia on the open air. Is it still safe out there? Do all of us have to remain aware, cautious over one another?

These are the hard times. Trust is frail. They use certain identities as part of their deadly mission, framing the innocent who carry the same IDs but only want to promote nothing but peace. No more violence, please, wherever it is.

“It’s hard to love, there’s so much to hate
Hanging on to hope, when there is no hope to speak of
And the wounded skies above say it’s much, much to late
so maybe we should all be praying for time…”

(“Praying for Time” – George Michael)


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