She Asked Me Out And…

I said that I just don’t know.  Now that school is over, I feel like a douche for not giving a straight answer.  I’m not sure I’m interested her as more than a friend and even if I did, my parent’s wouldn’t approve.  They’re strictly Christian.  They think Homosexuality and Transgender people are sinful and unnatural.  So, they would never let me in a Lesbian relationship and even if they did, my grandparents wouldn’t.  They’re even worse about it…

I don’t know if I should make my answer a no or disobey my family and go out with her.

3 thoughts on “She Asked Me Out And…”

  1. What does your heart says? If it’s a yes you will have to respect your parents idea and they will have to respect yours too! Good luck

  2. If you say no because of your parents views then you will forever be saying no.

    How will you ever be truly content if you cannot/ are not allowed to love the person you do.

    Follow your heart. Do what makes you happy; it’s your life. Also think if this person is truly worth causing any upset in your family that may occur. You may want to keep things casual. You don’t need to tell your family anything unless it becomes serious.

    Things will be difficult at first with your family but would they not want you to be happy?

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