A day off

So today I took a day off and didn’t really do anything. I mean I just slept till 12 am and browsed the net all day, though I wanted to read a book, improve my writing, learn more about something, but no, I just browsed the net all day long. It’s getting really addicting.

I hate being teen, cause at one moment I feel great and after few minutes I feel angry, disappointed of a whole world and lonely for no reason. I guess it happens for every teenager. I don’t like school so much as I used to. I mean I like lessons, teachers, but hate all that unfriendly atmosphere in school. I am an introvert, have a few friends and only a few probably because I don’t lift as much as my friends, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t fight, etc. I am for sure not a cool kid. I like playing online games, cause it’s like the only place I can make friends.

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