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This is going to be a Journal about the next section of my life. In December I will turn 70. That sounds SO OLD to me. Yet at my old age, I am about to start a new journey into the unknown, meaning not sure what will be, yet so its life, a big ball of uncertainties. 

Back in June of the year, my apt manager informed everyone that lives here that they were going up on the rent. WHAT??  A real shocker as its suppose to be a low income, Senior apt housing & how could they go up on the rent in the middle of the lease. But they did.. Over half the residents are now forced to find other places to live, & many of them have lower income then I do. Anyway, I started searching for some place to move to & learned that everything in Central Tx was going up on rent! So after many obstacles, I find myself making plans to go live with my Son who lives in Florida. This is not an easy decision as I will be leaving so many great friends, and most of my family behind. Right now its going to be just a visit, but while I’m there I will look for places to live & perhaps a part time job as well. It will give me a chance to spend time with my Son & his 6 boys as well as my first Great Grandson. I am excited about that part as I will be having Thanksgiving with them, & maby even Christmas. Time will tell. 

Right now I’m packing & learning that I can’t do as much as I use to do even 3 years ago. Its going to be a long lonely trip as it will just be me & my sweet little dog name Cooper. I’m a bit afraid about traveling alone that many miles, but I feel God is with me. I am going to try to write something here every day once I start my journey so I can share whats happening to the Turtle & hope someone will enjoy my thoughts & pictures along the way. 

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