Falling into another binge

So I guess I’m having a sex binge episode

When I’m really angry or things aren’t going well I binge on sex and sleep around alot

I’m increasingly ashamed when I look back on many of these encounters. This last round puts my number up to twenty five people. I’m told that a twenty year old such as myself should not have slept with anywhere near twenty five people.

I mean I’m clean, I get tested regularly. I’m really careful with my birth control.


There was an incident where I was drugged recently, fairly certain someone slipped k or something similar into my drink. It wasn’t bad, I used to be a fairly heavy drug user so I could tell what was happening and I kept myself safe but I only know what went on that night cause I wrote it down. I don’t actually remember anything. Even though nothing bad happened it scared me, and I’m not sure my current life style is a safe one.

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