Intro to the biggest fight of my life

The beginning of 2015 I was sick, but didn’t know it at the time, just very tired and out of breath frequently. I was too busy to see a doctor, working all the time, and just enrolled in collegr(late in life, I know). After a couple of months of totally enjoying my college experience, it was extremely hard to keep up. I finally gave in and went to see a doctor.  They ran a full blood test on me, told me to come back in a week, or the would call me if anything abnormal came back.

I continued working and going to school. Doctors left a voicemail a few days later, saying I was in critical condition and I needed to get to ER ASAP. I did. I was so worried. I stayed in the hospital for a few days. Test after test ran on me. My body was almost out of blood, they didn’t know why.  They keep mentionioning Leukemia. After being transfused with blood and other things, I was stable to go home.

It is now March 2015. After hospitals and transfusions, I was sent to a hospital about 45 min away. More transfusions and finally a bone marrow biopsy. So on my birthday I received a needle in my hip, yay me.

I’m again sent to another hospital, the Markey Cancer Center. I am told they have more knowledge and can help me more there, still no diagnosis, just the assumption of Leukemia. After tests, tranfussios, and impatiently waiting, I get a diagnosis. I have severe Aplastic Anemia. Not sure what this is, but relieved its not Leukemia. Once stable I go home.

I have since then undergone a port in my chest for infusions, the ATGAM for my condition, and having to take more meds than I can keep up with. The ATGAM worked for awhile, but my blood counts aren’t continuing to rise. I have known for about a month that I have to have a bone marrow transplant with chemo and radiation. I know right away I will lose my hair, and since its the only thing I can control, I’ve been cutting it short in preparation. This is going to be the beginning of a long journey, its going to be hard, this is my outlet.


2 thoughts on “Intro to the biggest fight of my life”

  1. Hi Tabby,

    Sorry to hear you have been unwell, but can imagine your relief at finally finding a diagnosis!

    I am a haematology cancer nurse in the UK. And although you don’t have a leukaemia much of the treatments are the same.

    I think it’s fantastic you have found an outlet! Hope the writing helps you through this tough time. Just keep looking forward 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply. Yes the treatments are the same. This is the only thing I can find that helps me, if I can beat this then I can look back upon how far I have came. 🙂

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