my mixed feelings about jogging.

i dread jogging.

i pant for breath, my legs and torso get sore, the heat is making everything worse. but i jog for my blood sugar and it works. it keeps my blood sugar in check. serves me right for being prediabetic. i hope i will stay prediabetic forever but let’s not think about this now. im not even checking my blood sugar nowadays. i just look out for tell tale signs like fatigue and wounds that take forever to heal.

anyway, jogging did me good. and although i didn’t like it, my body likes it coz i feel good after that and i felt good about myself after that. this year my joints actually cry out for the run if i didn’t run for a week. i literally crave for jogging and my joints felt sooooo relieved as soon as i start jogging. hell, even the soreness felt great. that’s when i realize my body likes it. and i think i like it as well.

then i have also noticed that jogging in a very cloudy weather was actually enjoyable. yes,      actually       enjoyable. i love jogging before and after the rain when it gets cloudy and windy. jogging when i was in hong kong was quite nice because jogging in spring, autumn, and winter were comfortable. jogging in KL heat was hard and it’s hot here 365 days of the year. but i have learnt to survive that. at least the KL heat is scalding but dry. Hong Kong heat was humid and that made the run very very tough. but i cant believe it that i enjoy jogging. and acknowledging this fact has made jogging something i look forward to nowadays.

so after developing a habit of being very aware of how i feel when i run, i have to change my statement.

i dread jogging.  on sunny days.

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