Entry 9: Time

Entry 9: Time

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Time passes so fast and I cannot stop it. Can anyone help me to halt the time from passing? Even though I have tried my best to stop it, it just moves on. The only thing that I can do is looking at the clock and hoping that a miracle will happen.

Soon, you have to leave me and I do not have any reasons to keep you beside me. Why? Do you remember the sweet memories that we have together? When you leave me, I just wish that time can retrogress and stop at the time when we are still together. Unfortunately, this will never happen and you just stay away from me without saying anything.

I hate time. Time makes you forget your promises to me. Time also makes you forget me. I do not have any ideas to stop these from happening. Again, I can only look at the clock and think back of the days we are together.  I can just cry and pray for a miracle to happen.

Time! Why are you so cruel? Can’t you take pity on me and stop for a while? Please…

Edited by Nawwar,  Aina and Amy.



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