Entry 12-Friend or love

Friend or love? I think both are important in my life. I do need friends and from friends I get the love. But love I am about to describe is love to someone special he/she. Friend can always be our loved one but love is hard to become friend. Why is it so. This is because when we are friending with someone we become so comfortable and we share all our untold secret,gossip and spend leisure time together. We think there are chemistry between us and our friend and maybe he/she is the one for u. Ofcourse u can be with he/she. But once you become partner, you can see all the flaws at the people. Sometimes you can accept it but sometime you can’t. You become so close when you are bestfriend but when you started have the relationship with he/she you start to hate it because he/she is not like the person that you like before. Buy accept it or leave it. But remember once you leave it you will not longer have the changes to be friend with that particular people. So don’t easily fall in love. Wait for the right time and once you accept he/she you have to accept all the goods and bads of that person.

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