We are going into the holiday season now…I believe that everyone is crossing their fingers that their pocketbooks come out somewhat healthy once the New Year closes the spending season for the year. If they are not, I know that I am.

Pressure of buying the perfect presents for the little one makes me feel as if we should spend a higher price for a product. I know that buying at a higher price wont make the product last longer when it is going up against a rowdy toddler.

Holy shit I just realized that I almost have a toddler now. Where did my baby time go? Feels like yesterday that I went through the disorienting experience of childbirth. I want my newborn and own home back.

I’m tired of trying to get a family of three organized in a pantry room. I understand that it is the size of most people’s living room, but people don’t sleep, dress, entertain a little one, relax, and store items in only their living rooms. Almost a year now I have tried to make it work, but I am on my wits end. Truly am depressed about the experience my new family is facing. I want my own home. One that I can decorate however I like. I just want the money saved up and ready to give to a real estate agent. I want my family home, and if that is crazy of me that so be it. I AM CRAZY!!! With that declaration I bide you all a do, I am going to crawl in bed with my significant other.

Until another day,


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