ENTRY NO-2My favourite food

When we say  about food,Malaysia are known as hub of variety of food due to many races in this country.I as one of them,i very love to eat many type of food from other races,as long it is halal and good for me.I also like to eat nasi lemak,which is made by Malays.The taste of this food depend on the ‘sambal’ itself.I love  to have this food for my breakfeast.I also enjoy to eat chicken rice,originated from Chinese.I love to eat the chicken which has many taste and flavour.Usually,i love love to have this for lunch.For me,we have to try all type of food in Malaysia so that we can appreciate the culture in Malaysia.We also can can organize an open house and serve the food.We also can tigthen our bond in neighbourhood and exist the harmony Malaysia.

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2-Amar Afifi


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