And then…

Our love grew and then died. 

After some months of literally just messages, we gave each other our phone numbers. The first time listening to his voice was unreal. Imagine reading a book… now, think of your favorite character, the one you essentially “love”. Can you imagine finally connecting a voice to the words? Now, can you imagine what it’d feel like to have him say your favorite lines of that book, whispering at 3:30 in the morning, voice husky from lack of sleep? It was one of the best nights of my life… having him stay up with me for hours and hours even though he had to be up in a few hours. He was my everything. He kept me sane, he helped me out of my bad habits and he helped me back up from my rock bottom…

Only to let me fall all over again.

Early December he left and left to visit some family away from home. Obviously, Verizon doesn’t have coverage outside the country so no communication whatsoever. Anyway, before that I would always bug him about me not being able to see him smile. All his pictures were serious or a slight grin, but I wanted an all out smile. So before he left, that’s exactly what he gave me. So, of course, like any other 16-year-old love-struck girl, I had to show him off and how did I do that? By posting him as my #mcm ..,

Worst fucking mistake of my life… And probably the best.

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