Tomorrow may not come again

We fight, we run, we hide, we laugh, we cry, we scream, we feel, but in the end it’s all for nothing. Nobody cares, nobody wants to help you. Everybody will turn against you. They say it’s easy just ignore the pain but how can you ignore the only thing that reminds you you’re alive? I’m sick of fighting, I’m sick of trying. I just done being used by the people that say they love me, they’re all liars. Nobody cares, nobody loves me, nobody would miss me. I’m fighting a war that’s inside my head and nobody can stop it, nobody wants to. I’m just another helpless soul in their minds. Someone who doesn’t feel. I feel, I just don’t show it. If I show it I’m weak. If I stop fighting I’m a quitter. If I keep fighting I’m a bitch. Nothing is right anymore. Nothing is easy. Nothing is bright anymore. It’s all one big black space that is getting bigger by the day. It won’t stop and nobody will help. Nobody will hear me out. Nobody sees the pain in my eyes. I’m alone and nobody cares anymore.

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow may not come again”

  1. I know you feel alone. I’ve been there SO many times, and as a teen its even harder because its not like you can just call up a doctor or therapist without dealing with your parents (at least in most cases). I’m telling you, though, it gets better. It won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen unless you work for it, but it is possible. Reach out to those who care about you. Find treatment and genuinely embrace the opportunity to get treatment if you can. Open your mind. Keep journaling. Find someone to talk to, even if its a stranger, like me. I’d e-mail with you no problem. Do things you love even if you really don’t feel up to it.

  2. I’m feeling the same way too. And I dont know what to do. These bs emotion is eating me up and slowly i just see myself dying and wanting to give up

  3. Sometimes, when I have those feelings, I try to focus on helping someone. When I make it about someone else, it distracts those negative thoughts, even if for a little. I know what it’s like to feel alone, scared to share because of how people are so quick to judge. Keep busy, find a hobby or volunteer somewhere. Reach out to your higher power for strength. The feelings don’t really go away forever so it’s a repetition to get right again. For me, I battle with negative thoughts daily, so I take it minute by minute. I agree with amandajcole13 about seeking help. Therapy is the best because you get to say what’s on your mind to a nonjudgmental person, you just have to allow yourself to at least trust them. Schools usually have counsellors that can help. I used my counseling services in college which was free. Mindfulness like mediation type stuff helps me too. I hope this helps

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