Entry 3- Bad Memories

Bulling causes many of people thinking of their childhood either there were the bully or the bullied. Bulling can cause many issues in a person such as it can harm them both physically and emotionally.

I have been through this situation where I was the bullied since in standard 1 at SJK (C) PENG MENG. I always went to school feared and it makes me loses my focus to study . I always failed in exam and I amthe one of the students was under teacher observation.

The torture started when the teacher asked me to wear hijab and I did wear it in the next day. When I came to school,everyone glances weirdly at me. At moment I sat on my chair, the Chinese boy behind me pulled my hijab immediately and they make me like a toy. And the next day,the matter become familiar to me.

I didn’t  tell my parent because I think that my parent would not believe me. I decided to lied to them until now. I told them to transfer me to other school closer to my house at Kebun Bharu when I am in standard 5 because I can’t hold it anymore. This is the cause why I have no confidence to diffense myself.

Edited By: Anis Shahirah

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