Entry 4 – My Grandma

I lived with my grandma when I was little. Grandma and I are very close. I learnt a lot about tradisional treatment and did a lot of things together. Although my grandma is passed away,I still miss her, I  still can remember she took care of me when I was a baby until she dead.

After school, the bus would drop me off at grandma’s house. Grandma would be sitting in her swing on the front porch waiting for me to arrive. She would always have a snack waiting for me on the kitchen table because knew that I was hungry. After I finished eating my snack grandma would let me go outside and play until my mum came to pick me up.

According to my grandma , I realize that my parents work in another place for our lives and the love me so much. Therefore, I think that my grandma is very important in my life. Furthermore,I believe that I do not forget her forever I feel very happy to live with my grandma.

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