Entry 5-Music

There’s a band that most kids today don’t know this band has saved the lives of thousands of people have faith in times when they thought there wasn’t any. They have helped me when I felt sad and angry.

This band is My Chemical Romance. The reason I chose to write about them because  there were times in my life when my parent were mad at me ,like if I was pushed down and couldn’t get up ,times when people made fun of me and all of those times the thing that told me not to feel so sad and give up was My Chemical Romance’s music.

Here’s an example of some lyrics ,”I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone. Honey,if you stay I’ll be forgiven. Nothing you can say to stop me going home.” Their second album,Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge,is all about standing up for yourself and not being afraid to be yourself. I think that music can change the world,and has certainly had an impact on the lives of thousand. It is one of the things that had made an impact on me.

Edited By : Syafiqah

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