Surreal…. but nice..

     After 15 years of not seeing the love of my life, I saw him again here in the U.S, thousand miles away from our mother country.. He’s married.. with 3 kids. His wife was even here with him

      The first time we laid eyes on each other after 15 years, he was full of sweat, cause he just played basketball with his friends..  When i saw him walking towards me, I felt like we were the only people on earth, like nothing and noone mattered..We were just starin at each other for like 10 seconds. I wanted to hug him so tight and whisper the words ILOVE YOU to him, but ofcourse we both needed to stay composed.. he had to take a bath and change clothes….it felt soooooo surreal seeing him again after soooo many years.. It’s soooo weird, that my heart pounded sooooo hard, like it almost popped out of my chest… Damn, I STILL LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH!!!

    I brought him to our house, he saw and talked to my parents once again.. he was welcomed soo warm and  they were all happy to see him after a long time..  After an hour of talking to my family, I had to drive him back to the house where he stays at, but before that , we grabbed some coffee at Cofee Bean.. while driving, I was able to tell him all the things inside my heart, that I’ve been hiding and keeping for 15 years.. the pain, regrets, closure; words that are from the deepest part of my heart only for him… FINALLY I was able to get it out of my chest directly to him….

     When he stepped out of my car to go back to the house where he stays, he stopped while walking and looked back at me and waved… I felt soooo weak afer that..Tears started pouring out of my eyes.. I had to park by the basketball court parking where i picked him up.. I was just staring outside, lost for words, crying… I felt relieved, but the pain is still inside me.. Pain of soooo much love still for him and how I missed him soo much.. He hugged me three times before he got out of the car, and I really felt his heart trying to communicate with me as well…… I AM POSITIVE, WE FEEL THE SAME FOR EACH OTHER..  STILL THE SAME AFTER 15 YEARS… 


He will be back in a few months….


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