I know

It’s weird to say that my husband flirted with this girl who used to be my best friend back in hs and ever since then nothing has been the same. And then I started thinking about my ex. He was amazing such a sweet guy but now he has a gf who he loves but they dated before he dated me and he broke up with her for me and told me how crazy she was and how she randomly showed up at his house. How she’s a whore and stuff. Now he’s happy with her and they want to get married… I’m happy he’s happy that’s all I ever wanted was for him to be happy even if that meant not with me. He’ll always be the first guy I actually was in love with. He used to call me his angel. And the love of his life. We broke up because I always wanted to be around him I loved his presence and company. I wish I could go back for a day and relive the first time we met.

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