Entry 6-Sunny day

Oh, it is a sunny day.. The weather is so hot. It makes me sweating a lot. I hate hot day. I feel like my body is burning with fire. I feel tired even I don’t do anything. This weather is driving me insane. I keep on imagining that I am in a swimming pool ¬†full with cold water. Oh, it is so nice. I wish. It is also nice if I can eat ice cream right now. It is so perfect. I am craving for strawberry favour ice cream. I can imagine the scene that I am eating ice cream and the coldness of ice cream from each bite I take colds down my body temperature. It’s totally amazing. It’s the best thing to do during hot day. But there is no ice cream in the fridge. I am so sad. I am crying.

Credits to nawwar, Kar Yee and Arina.

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