Entry 5-Sweet dream

Last night, I had a dream. I dreamed about someone who I admired so much when I was in secondary school. I tried to recall back my sweet dream. I saw his smile. His smile was as sweet as honey. I smiled back to him. We were staring at each other. He talked to me. We never had chance to talk between each other. We talked about so many things.
Argghh.. But suddenly, I woke up from my sleep. He disappeared. I hoped that I never woke up and can dream about him every night . I smiled alone. I smiled widely. My mind was still full of him. My sister stared at me weirdly . She saw me smiling alone like a crazy person after waking up from my sleep. May be she worried about her sister will become a crazy person after dreaming about her crush. I threw my pillows to her and ran for my life.

Credits to nawwar, Kar Yee and Arina.

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