Thankful for Electricity

I am thankful for the ability to have utilities such as electricity and clean, running water. Especially in the fall and winter time, hot water. On a daily basis, I don’t think about how much electricity “gets things done” and makes the world go around until I don’t have it. Just stopping and thinking about it is mind-boggling. If there were no electricity, the world would be in utter chaos for all practical purposes. Sure, wind and solar energy could substitute for fuel sources, but to be honest, most everything currently runs by electricity. Hospitals rely on it. And lives depend on that. And so many other daily activities that are interconnected and would be affected on a mass scale if all of a sudden, there was no longer any electricity. A lot of people in third-world countries do not have running water or clean water and well water is more commonly used in these countries. As I write these journal entry posts, I am reminded about how I am able simply because of electricity and how helpless I’d be if I didn’t have it. I think we all get glimpses of these feelings of helplessness when there is a power outage. I know I do and there’s almost nothing you can do, even with the candles on. The food will spoil in the fridge, your phone and computer will run out of charge soon, the heater or air conditioner won’t work (depending on the season), and the list goes on and on. It’s simply amazing how much I take electricity for granted and how everything would just stop if it didn’t exist anymore.

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