Defining moments

People say what defines your life for a time doesn’t define your life forever. When a person finds themselves with a defining moment there really is only two options. “We can define the moment we are in or we can let the moment define us” (Tin Cup the Movie). Everyday people are self-consumed with their own lives. How often do we actually stop to smell the roses or even stop and consider other people and their feelings? As I look back unto my life I have struggles I have overcome and struggles I am still over coming. Even through all the sleepless nights, longer than most days, financial difficulties, bullying issues at my child’s school and health situations I find myself humble and appreciative of what I do have. As I am preparing for holidays I can’t help but think maybe if our society was a little more humble we wouldn’t see as many broken families and heart aches.  Having my children and my husband has helped me become more humble on a daily basis.  This holiday season we all need to be more humble, and pay it forward.  Do something nice for someone else and you will find an unforgettable defining moment in your life that will change your present and future.

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