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I got a Facebook message one day from a cute guy about five months ago and it said “hey.” so I responded, I said hey back and that is where it all began. we talked for about two weeks or more and decided to meet. we met at a mall and I brought a friend with me, as soon as I walked into that mall and saw his face and his eyes lit up and smiled at me, I knew it was going to be one of the best days of my life. it was awkward meeting him for the first time…and a few times after that, but I got this feeling around him that I never got with anyone else, like I could be happy again, with him. our second date was at the movies, we saw terminator genesis because it was the longest movie showing that day and we just wanted more time to spend with each other. keep in mind we had our first kiss on our first date at the mall, I know, we shouldn’t have, but we did and it felt right. he is so sweet. and back to our second date, we didn’t even pay attention to the movie that much, he held me in his arms and every time I looked him in the eyes I had butterflies and I still do to this day. that was the day he asked me to be his. ♥ of course, I said yes. and once the movie was over he picked me up and spun me around. that was such an amazing day, I was so happy. our third date was with a whole bunch of our friends and we went to a party late at night to a water park and went on slides and danced and it was amazing too. soon he started coming over to my house, a lot. and we also started arguing a lot…he goes to a different high school than me, we live on different sides of town and it was so hard to see each other, so we would argue, than tell each other  we were sorry and that we love each other, because we did, and still do. now it isn’t the amount of time you spend with a person that really defines how much you love them, like a couple could have been together for ten years and not have been happy at all, and a couple together for about four months could be as happy as ever. see, he was different from other guys, im not just saying that, he really is different, he is also funny, cute, smart, sexy, adorable, strong, and mine. I miss him. we broke up about two weeks ago… its because of the distance…he said he needs time and I respect that. he also said that we are young and shouldn’t be devoting our lives to each other at such a young age but then he tells me he wants to spend the rest of his life by my side and to this day, we still say we love each other…we haven’t seen each other in weeks…more than a month. the last time I saw him was at a football game…and he ignored me a lot…and I cried. I knew he was being distant and that something was up. no he isn’t with another girl okay and I know it for sure trust me. I call him everyday and we love talking to each other and he still calls me baby or beautiful and says…just a little longer and you’ll be mine again.im so tired of being hurt…like all I feel now is hurt and depression, when can I be happy again? I’ve been through so much pain that I don’t even cry anymore…I just cant. I have tried many things to try to get my mind off of him, such as drinking tequila. now I know what you are thinking, a teenager drinking?…that is so wrong! and you know what it is, but if you were felling how much pain was on me right now you would turn to anything to help medicate yourself so you don’t have to think about hurting yourself because the person you love isn’t yours anymore. I am so tired. I have stayed loyal and I hope he will too…  I miss him.

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  1. I relate that.. I also standed through this pain, even without drinking..and it felt like hell..i know… Best of luck )):

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