entry 2- my thought

When i was a kid ,i thought that the world is not like we are see right now. I thought that everything was in black and white colour. The reason why i am being like that maybe because i was influenced by the shows in the television. For an example,’Bujang Lapok’. Based on the story, i saw that everything was only in two colours. So, i make an easy conclusion that in the past time there are no other colours except black and white. Year by years,i finally realise that the situation in the past are just same like now. There are exist other colours too. What a shame.The camera in that year is not modern like now. That’s why we can only saw black and white in every shows. Just imagine that in the world there are really only two colours. That are black and white. There is no useful of rainbow as we cannot see the colours. The good is we do not have to think what colour of cloth we want to wear as it does not give any function at all. We only see black and white. So, what do you think ?

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