Those words that we said
During the quiet ephemeral moments
Summers ago
Hidden in the backyards
Of some unknown city of our choosing
We made promises then

And somehow the years have gone by
Traces of our words etched in papers
Long lost to memories that had faded
At least that’s what you told me once
When I stopped looking for it

I’m still lingering these days
Tracing a roadback to neverland
I’ll forever be your peter pan
If you love me once again

But memories can’t contain
The emotions that once burned
Bright in the neon lights of yesteryear

And so with them, your image fades softly
Into the languid skies
As they form themselves around you
And merge your pearls with ghosts
Written out in words
Left to haunt an empty space
Where once you stood

Oh how I do miss the way your face smiled at me
When I was still your Peter Pan
And you still loved me


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