Florida 1

Well its a little windy outside. This is my first journal entry since ive been here in Florida. Not sure what to say given its windy, a little cold, and I like it. Theres no snow so im loving that. well today has been a good day so far just cold and windy is all. took the dogs for a walk they loved it. I wish matt was here to cuddle cause I feel somewhat lonely. I wonder what my dad and everybody back at home are doing I wonder if they miss me or think about me at all… so as I sit here while everyone is making supper I smell the peach pie that Brenda made homemade. I already had some of julies homemade ice cream which was really awesome. I love it here in florida I love the beach and the ocean. my first thought when I got here was that palm trees look really weird. I guess that’s the joys of never leaving Illinois. well im done writing for the night ill talk to u tomorrow journal



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