Game Time :} Find Them ??

It started when I felt a cool breeze, and the sunlight crawled onto my face.  I could smell the sweet, spicy, sausage sizzling, and knew it was time for breakfast. Afterwards, I bounced outside. The sky illuminated a strawberry color. I got on the 3 wheeler and rumbled, recklessly to the water. Hazel, my neighbor’s dog, came enchantingly to me. Together we charged through the water, and jitterbugged around like bunnies. Then after being pounded with water, I had to evaporate. I set up the hammock, and floated on it. I was there for what seemed like generations. Listening to the whispers from nature, was very powerful. I grew very drowsy, and soared away like a balloon being let loose. Being at the lake house, or even around nature, just made me feel at harmony, like the hippies in the 70’s, and it was very comforting.



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