Im back to GN Journal :)

It’s been 9 long months since I have posted anything on this site.

A lot has happened, but nothing has really changed.

Im almost done with High School and that I am so happy about! But I am still have problems (like who isn’t) I should be over a break up but im not. I shouldn’t still miss him or even care but I do. I miss a lot of people actually a lot of my old friends.

I miss how things use to be. I’ve been upset about this for month now. But everyone see this strong happy girl, but I can’t keep doing this. I just want to shut down and not talk to anyone now days. Yet there are so many things I want to say, and scream out but no one seems to want to listen long enough. I’ve tried writing music, distracting myself with life, keeping myself so busy I don’t sleep much.

I’ve picked up once again on old habits, and things are happening like they did a few months ago when I hit rock bottom and literally disappeared for a while that no one knew where I was at. When I had returned home and turned on my phone I have 208 messages, calls, voicemails, facebook posts, in total all wondering where I was at and if I was okay. I honestly had never felt more loved. But those people are no longer in my life…And in my next post whenever that will be will tell you more about what my life is like now since that day.


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