Entry 7

Playing basketball with strong opponents


In the evening, my wingmates and I went to play basketball at court B as usual. Firstly, we all just played shooting the balls into the basket and after a few minutes there were chinese boys came to visit us and ask us to play basketball with them. We were challenged to play with them. Due to their talents and professionalism in playing basketball, we accepted their challenge. When the game started, our opponents straight away attack and we all defended firmly. The opponent team was totally full of skills and talents in playing basketball and some of them had represented our beloved Malacca Matriculation College in KAKOM. My team and I also didn’t want to lose to them and we all played with our best. Half an hour passed, we rested for a while.  When the second quarter started, my teammates and I had ran out of energy while the opponents were still vital and energetic. Despite we had lost to them, we enjoyed playing together regardless races and religion. Then, all of us decided to play again. Overall, the game was great.

Edited by: Ernest Yoong Gar Hon and Muhammad Faez

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