Pray For Others

Throughout this journey I have prayed relentlessly and putting everything into Gods hands. It is a comfort that has sustained me even in the toughest of times. Sometimes my prayers are not even about my needs but the needs of others. Sometimes in this busy world we tend to forget that others around us could use a prayer or don’t have the strength in God to pray for themselves. Today a dear friend of mine received news from our court systems that was not in her favor. This beautiful person has endured more in her life here on earth than any one of us could have. She is always the first person to be by your side in difficult times no matter what is going on. Her tremendous zealous attitude on life and unwavering dedication to God has what carried her through. When expressing about her outcome today she expressed that “she was thankful that days like this that God is the final judge.”  It’s that profound attitude that makes her such an inspirational person. She is the type of person that would even pray for those that don’t deserve prayer but it’s usually those that need the prayers the most. When I hear something negative is happening to her in life it just saddens my heart. Tonight when I have my talk with God instead of pouring out my hardships to him I’m going ask him to continue his strength for my friend and to be with all that are facing struggles. This earthly world is tough and everyday is a gamble on how it will roll for you. So tonight I ask you to pray for that one person who is hiding in pain, facing a struggle or just needs prayer for them.

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