5)the present

My perception towards nowadays society is pessimistic. Firstly, the groups of people who are effectively helping to make this world a better place for human population are limited. The middle-aged people are probably the busiest people in the new era in this world. The elderly are too old and weak while the youngsters are too immature and inexperienced to contribute to the nation. Secondly, there are a lot of negative people like cheaters, culprits, two-faced people, unscrupulous businessmen, always-to-welch politicians, sleazes,etc. With them, the society may collapse and be in the mayhem. In this era also shows the trend of social problems is on the rise especially problems involve new generation. For example,drug addicts, alcohol abuse and LGBT. So, how do these kinds of people can we trust to benefit this world in the future.  So we must take proactive initiatives to avoid these problems from deteriorating and burdening the country.
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