I feel lost. I’m going to school again to switch jobs and this time last year I was so excited about it. But now that I’m in school, I’m questioning all of my decisions. I’ve lost my flame and my vision.


My current job is good enough even though sometimes I feel so left out there that my heart aches, like for real aches. I long for that connection. I get paid well enough, but I’m in so much debt that I don’t know how to survive even pay check to pay check.

Am I just burnt out from school and work? Am I just depressed more so than usual? Or am I just making one bad choice after another?

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  1. I hope you find a job you like or that can at least support you until a better job comes along. Life can be real hard sometimes and it’s hard to see the point. I appreciate your comment. It’s helpful to hear that.

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