School day#1

So as I said the boy who doesn’t like me came back to school. And it all starts again… Friends I made when he wasn’t there started to don’t like me, even though they seemed to like me. It looks like he wants to turn everyone my enemy, at every thing he is better than me Ron (he’s full name is Romuald, I think), he starts bashing me, looking where to bite, but at every thing I am better than him he just says nothing and if I say something to him you guessed it… threatens to beat me up with his friends or stuff like that. He threatens everyone that is physically weaker than he. The way he tries to get more friends with drinking, fighting, smoking pot and is just unacceptable for me. Dunno what should I do about it. He started these things only this year, cause he got a lot of friends. Other things are fine about school and when Ron isn’t near I actually enjoy it.

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