And so it begins

After six years of being together; thousands of miles of long distance dating, getting engaged, moving to Texas, a year long engagement, a beautiful and perfect wedding, four years of wedded bliss, nearly three spent trying to start a family… it’s here, it is finally here. Our baby is here. Well not here in the traditional sense, not yet at least- still about 35 weeks away from that. Our little bundle of joy is currently just a small bundle, in fact no bigger than a poppy seed nestled happily in my uterus and settling in as it grows, growing bigger with all my hopes and dreams. Our baby grows with my dreams of being a mother and holding a crying infant, soothing he or she into sleep, our baby grows with my dream of seeing Jeremy as a father feeding our child a bottle even as he exhausted from lack of sleep.

Over the coming months our baby will grow and with it my body will change, has changed, is changing! Words cannot contain how excited I am, how completely glowing with joy I am. I praise God for this blessing, for giving us the child we have been waiting for.

Tomorrow we get our first HCG results back, I’m excited (though slightly nervous since some spotting I was not expecting on sunday scared the living goodness out of me) and doing another test tomorrow on my blood to see if the levels are doubling. I just want a healthy baby, of course what mother doesn’t? We worked so hard to get this child that I don’t think they will be going back to heaven before us.

So far just focusing on positives and on this joy I feel. Jeremy said the other day “You have that glow pregnant women get” I told him it’s too soon for that, but that I am glowing from happiness. I feel at peace finally, like we aren’t stuck in limbo, like we can finally move forward. No matter what Jeremy is my life and love, but being a mother was what I was born to do, it is my calling.

Finally I’ve been called, and our baby will be here by August 2016.



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