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In an effort to be a better writer, I try to read a lot to keep my brain sharp and my thoughts flowing.

I just finished reading Taltos which is written by Anne Rice. It is the 3rd book in the series about the Mayfair witches. To write about Taltos, I’m going to have to revisit the other two books (The Lives of the Mayfair Witches and Lasher).

Having started at the beginning and read my way this far, over all I feel as though I’ve been let down. As usual Anne’s character development is on par. This epic series is teaming with heroes, heroines, and a plethora of villains. Infact, the characters have so much depth to them that I could switch the good verse evil labels in a matter of chapters. I couldn’t stay committed to assuming some one was a “bad guy” because many of the characters had their own personal, fitting agenda.

An example of what I stated above is the break down of the spirit, Lasher who has guided the Mayfair family since the 17th century. He is responsible for a hefty number of their triumphs, massive wealth, as well as endless tragedies. He was even thought by some to be the devil, “the man” himself. However, once I read the book Lasher, this character really irked me. As a spirit he was immensely powerful,  but as soon as he accomplished his goal of being a flesh and blood creature again, I lost serious respect for him. Frankly after his miraculous rebirth Rice made him into a doddering, blundering idiot. Perhaps that was her goal all along, but for me who was 1,000 + pages into this epic saga, it was a big let down.

On with the show… Lasher dies at the end of his tale, but Rice gives us a name for the super human type creature, Taltos. She also gives us one more story.

I was highly disappointed with several discoveries brought to light in the book Taltos. It took centuries for Lasher to be reborn due to a generic mutation in the Mayfair family and suddenly lightly strikes twice when Mona Mayfair gives birth to another one of this species. What the fudge. I was under the impression that the birth of a Taltos was this rare, rare event and suddenly a few Mayfairs become worthy of pushing one out. I’ll also point out how when Mona gives birth to Morrigan (another Taltos) an elderly family member makes a recollection that this type of birth has happened a few times. Intriguing and highly disappointed all at the same time.

Another issue I have with these books is that I get bored when Anne goes to in-depth with description or history. I realize she is painting a picture with her words, but it’s too over done and I lose my momentum. I find myself putting the book down for longer and longer periods of time. I do appreciate Rice’s supernatural tales and will continue read her novels, but I do not appropriate her inconsistencies. Still better than Twilight though.

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