Entry 6- My Hobby

I think that hobby is important thing in our life. At the moment we have have have a lot of hobbies which are very modern and popular . for examples photography,theatre, reading or doing videos. It seems to me that hobby is the greatest thing in people’s life.

Let’s start with my hobby. My hobby is cooking . I love to cook and experiment with some products. It’s very funny and exacting. In my opinion, a lot of people like cooking but a little people do it as hobby ,because you must have a talent. Another advantage of cooking is that I do not do everthing that is written in cookery books. On the other hand ,cooking is very good hobby because I can use a lot of qualified products and there are no chemicals.

To sum up, I believe that everyone needs some hobby to relax and in order not to waste time on unimportant and unnecessary things.

Edited By: Intan Zulaikha and Anis shahirah

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