i just ran..

so much anger was in me. i would look at myself in the mirror and just see a girl staring at someone who bottles everything up. without a word i walk out the door with my earphones and running shoes not caring about the future. i put some eminem on and ran. i didnt care where i was headed to or where id end up or even how far id run. its like each step i would take was a problem being stomped on. the more problems, the longer i would run. the more i wanted the problems to disappear the faster id run. the wind, dirt, hills, grass. the rocks underneath my nikes felt good… they reminded me that my feet were still on the ground.  my calves were burning and my feet were aching. i have been running for 45 minutes without a break or thinking at all. i stopped and stood there. i never realized how angry i got and how easy it was to calm down… i walked to the little bridge that lays upon the canal and sat there. the smell of the water and the feeling of my sweat surprisingly relieved me.. i have never felt so happy to be alone, tired and sore. i disciplined myself and it felt good? there at the bridge i cried, i laughed , i screamed. after minutes of just staring at the sunset i decided to go home, this time knowing where i was going. once again i just ran. 

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