Real Life, switching from private to public

*J* and I have managed to endure 10 + years of some serious bullshit. To be honest, I’m shocked that we both, in our own way were able to drop our symbolic swords and shields ending up on our knees, submitting ourselves to one and other. Reconciliation would never have been achieved otherwise. I would say he drew first blood. He would say I injured his soul. If we truly want this to work we needed to start from scratch, completely letting go of the past and every old transgression and mortal wound. Who knew the wolf can respect the elephant?

*J* believes elephants are his spirit animal. Do I see a likeness?  I never gave it much thought before this point. Every one has an animal they can relate to. Elephants are big. *J* is big. They can be very calm and peaceful although they can attack in an instant. Memories guide them. They are protective of their young. In certain situations they act in entertaining manner to please those around them. In all these qualities I now realize these too can be found in *J*’s personality. What you see is on the surface doesn’t match the depth of the soul.

I am a wolf, through and through. I am cunning and fast. I can starve myself or gorge. I can be a loner or run with a pact. My natural predisposition is that of a hunter, a predator. My love is either non-existent or all encompassing. My emotional are primal.

Who leads such a couple? Wolf and elephant? I suppose we must take turns.

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