My sweet grandson

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Hello my sweet grandson,

this is your nana. I haven’t been able to see or talk to you in months now. Your mommy isnt letting me but that’s another story for another time.

I decided to write to you and maybe, in time, when you are older, you will be able to read what Ive written and know and understand just how much I loved and adore you. Right now my heart breaks not being part of your life, seeing your big sweet smile and hearing you sing our song together….you are my sunshine….sunshine…..

Each day I will write to you and over time, I hope that you will know that you are my world even though you will no doubt forget who I am or what I was to you…..


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Well, another day has gone by and we are getting closer to the holidays, very hard for me not seeing you or watching you glee as you open your gifts, too young to know whats gone wrong, I wonder if you will even remember me, probably not as you are too young, I will as always send gifts in hopes that they reach you. Im thinking of starting a weekly card service to have fun cards sent to you each week, maybe those will find you as well….your nana loves you sweet boy.



Well, the holidays are over, GLEE! I was allowed to talk to you for a short minute on Skype, you are getting so big! and such a handsome young man at the age of 2, you will be 3 very soon, so grown up! I miss you my sweet grandson, you have no idea how much.


Well! Now that your mom has had a change in her living conditions, I have been allowed to talk to you almost every day! “Nana! I love you” you say as you kiss me on her cell phone while on Skype, your wet kisses I miss but Im going to come back to visit soon and mommy says we can sing and play! How fun!


April 2016:

I came to see you my sweet boy, but it was with the understanding that your mom went back to live with your dad  but that I could only have a short time with you. So, you walked into the store we met at and OH MY! Your have grown into such a sweet little boy, you did not forget me! You ran right to me saying ” Gma! I mss you G’ma!” and I got hugs and kisses, we walked around the store together talking and you picked up a large sea shell off a shelf, you said to me, ” Nana, if you hold this to your ear you will hear the sea! ” I said ” Really?” and you patiently replied, ” Yes Nana you try it” and I did, and I did hear your sea, I will always hear your sea….

We went to lunch while mommy sent daddy text messages about our visit, after that you went home and so did I and then poof, again Im not allowed to see you. Maybe someday your mommy will be as smart as YOU!


Well, its now June, I see you via pictures that I have of you, Im sure you have grown, I have started a surprise for you, so when Im old and gone, you will have something to remember me by besides these words, your Aunt Kim will keep it safe until your reach an older age then she will tell you about it, I hope by that time, you will have found direction in your life and happiness and that my gift will bring you more.

I miss you and your mommy, Im sure she is fine, she has a new wonderful job I hear. I hear you haven’t been able to see your Aunt or your Great Grandma or Grandpa, I know they miss and love you so very much, we talk about you all the time and each night I pray the angels will take my dreams back to you so that you know how much I love you. ___________________


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