Entry 5: Friendship

Friendship. How do we define friendship? Friendship is a gift from God to us.A gift that can’t be bought with money.A life without friendship probably ¬†grants you a boring life.Emptiness and sorrow probably are the one will fill the void in our hearts .

However,most of us can’t even taste the sweetness of friendship.Hence,what is the true meaning of friendship?

Do you guys know,how greatly Rasulullah loves Abu Bakar A.R ?He said,”If I can have a lover beside Allah,Abu Bakar is the one who will be my lover.
On the other hand,Abu Bakar was willing to bare the pain from the bite of one of the most poisonous animals in this earth,scorpion in Thur Cave.Just to save his treasured and our beloved Rasulullah from got bitten by the scorpions.
Do you guys know how Rasulullah S.A.W loves Umar R.A .He said “If there is a prophet after me,Umar is the one who worthy enough to become one. In contrast,Umar shows his love through his action.He loves Rasulullah moree than he loves his own family and himself.

On the other hand,how about us? Do we did the same?

I’ll give an example,most of us do not like to be friend to people who tend to correct our mistakes.Moreover,we tend to be friend to the one who is willing to be a sinner with us .

CC to Gan and Syazwan

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