Entry 7- My favourite fruit

Fruits are beautiful gift of nature having many varieties and many different tastes. They have a great storage of energy because they are rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and many other energetic compounds.

There are many types of fruits having different varieties and varying taste, but my favorite one is “Mango”, the king of fruits due to its yummy taste and juicy pulp. Its sweet taste dominates over all tastes. Mango is also the national fruit of India, and this yummy fruit is native to India, Pakistan and Philippine.

Mango juice is one of the most favorite juices of the world and different companies are competing to make the most favorite juice.Sauces and jams are the other products of mango which are making our dining table more attractive, and kids also like to take mango jam in breakfast.

This is not the end, my favorite fruit and India’s national fruit mango has infinite properties and health benefits, that’s why this delicious fruit is my favorite fruit.

Edited By: Syafiqah and Nurul Huda

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