Holiday Mutterings

In the United States it is Thanksgiving today. Even though I’m American this just isn’t one of my favorite holidays. I hate squash and I’m not big on turkey either. While I do appreciate the sentiment of taking a day or a moment to reflect upon what I am thankful for before a long cold winter sets in, I feel one should gratefully list these assets at the end of each and everyday for each day that we live is truly a gift.

The concept behind the first Thanksgiving is so removed from this modern age. To me, celebrating it in a way that customs dictate seems to be hypocritical and condescending. It would be one thing if the early Americans didn’t abuse and kill the Native Americans or if their culture and beliefs hadn’t been obliterated, but that is the true history between these cultures.  So celebrating Thanksgiving and ignoring the history seems like an ignorant joke to me. I know people mean well, but maybe we should pick a different day for this type of celebration. In this day and age Thanksgiving symbolizes the start of the count down to Christmas. Its all to commercialized for my taste.

Having been brought up Roman Catholic I celebrate Christmas because it is expected and my kids enjoy participating in all the holiday events. I feel like a traitor turning my back on my personal beliefs just to go with flow. I think this is the year I will turn my back on Christmas and celebrate an older holiday instead. C’mon Yule!

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