Please remember:
-the days when things were dark,
overshadowed – clouded with nasty rumours
the truth as futile as a dead lark.

Don’t forget:
-the times when things were bad;
So many had made us feel upset,
the loss of many lives so sad.

Please, always remember.
Why do you want to forget?
You think it’s a lot easier.
Don’t you get it?
All you do is run for cover.

Never forget:
-the things we once had.
Losing them was painful,
but we must always remember
even if it’s no longer taught in school.

Always remember.
Never forget:
-the sheer terror that took the lives of our brothers and sisters
-the lies that poisoned us with rage and fear.

Don’t let them sweep it all under the rug.
Don’t bet our everything on mortal luck.
Let that history be the lesson learned
on how to live without hate
unlike May 1998…


(Jakarta, 12/5/2015 – 10:30 am)

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