Dream entry : Thanksgiving 2015

1051/1049 Jefferson something showed up again. It was the same scene. A tiny white coffee shop caught my eye on the outside of the street. It looked like a newsstand turned coffee shop. The light was bright and white inside and the interior walls were lined with books. I wanted to go in but was on my way to do something else. So I noted the nearest address and found the street name. The day was pleasant with blue skies and sun. It had a Saturday morning feel to it.

I had a baby girl – she looked like Autumn, but she was named after me. She had rich, red hair and chocolate brown eyes. They were big. She was healthy. She was happy and alert. We were always around town together, me and this happy baby. People loved her and she smiled back at them. Our living situation was not streamlined. We had a place to stay out of town – it was a bit out of the way, but it offered is a ton of space and it felt quiet and sturdy. We were relaxed there. She would sleep with me or I could put her to rest on my king sized bed and go about my business. Her crib was in town with her father (I don’t know who this person was) and I made that decision. He was around on the phone, and helped us get back to our out of town home once after me diving.

Baby’s came for a visit … Maddie and Sophie. They were a bit older at toddler age and loved playing on the stairs. Baby loved watching them and laughed and giggled and squealed with delight. The cousins loved being somewhere new and interacting with a baby.

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