Entry 10- New School

Coming to a new school is sometimes the biggest problem for students. When students come to a new school, they face lot of different situations. Some schools have their approaches toward students which help students to adapt in new school situation.

For example, when I was standard 6 in primary school I moved to new school. At first, I was afraid to meet new students and thought moving to new school was mistake because of my shyness.

But school club contacted and introduced me other members and activities which is open to all students. I participated one of them which was for students who wants to overcome their shyness and develop their self-esteem.. So schools should show their attention to the new students through school clubs and organization which will welcome more students and beneficial for all students.
In general, new school and new student are two different sides. If those 2 sides can not cooperate, it will result unwanted situation such as dropping out school and losing new students. As a conclusion, these sides can connect and unite successfully by having special school clubs and devoted teachers.

Edited By: ayu and Nurul Huda

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