Unforgettable Love

Lately I don’t know what is going on but it’s all just confusing. I was in Riverside, I actually went to spend Thanksgiving with my family. The only family I have here in Costa Mesa is my mom so I basically take turns on spending holidays with each parent. I spent Thanksgiving with my dad and it was fun, he got really happy when he saw me. I enjoy bothering my dad a lot I just find it funny. I ended up eating a lot that day for Thanksgiving, but then I got a text the very next day. It was from my cousin she had said that my mom wanted me to give her a call to my aunt’s house phone. I then called, and I don’t know but I just felt nervous as in scared. It then turned out to be that my mom was in the hospital so I came back to Costa Mesa that very day just hoping everything will be ok and that my mom is perfectly fine.

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