We Kinda Just..

After I put him up on my social media, his cousin, Jade Cisneros, found my page (via-his-page-tag) and liked it and whatnot so I kind of just scoped it out. Yanno, put my lurking skills in good use. Anywho, she had a picture of them together and we exchanged comments and thus this is how Bethany found me (or at least I think this is how). She just seemed a little too friendly to be just a friend or another family member. So, I did what I do best… I lurked on her page. She had a picture of them together and it was dated around the same time that Logan and I had started talking. Remember, at this time I had no contact with him because of his trip. However, I fucking flipped. I told him I hated him and I never wanted to talk to him again because he had just been playing me and all sorts of things. This was our first goodbye… a few days from Christmas. I wasn’t feeling very merry, but I had to pull through. And so I did…

For a couple of months.

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